Best Doctors®


Best Doctors Inc. is a world leader in connecting people with the best medical care. With its renowned database containing over 50,000 doctors recognized as the best by top specialists, Best Doctors services are available worldwide, serving more than 10 million lives in 30 countries. With access to top-ranked hospitals, the latest technologies, opinions of world-class specialists and personal care management, Best Doctors can help clients make informed decisions about healthcare and medical choices.

Unlimited access for the adult insured1, their immediate family (spouse or common-law partners and dependent children2) and their extended family (parents, parents-in-law, siblings and sibling-in-law) at all times.

1 Child insured: Access to the service is unlimited for the insured, their immediate family (father, mother and siblings) and their grandparent if they are the policyowner of the child’s policy.

2 A child is considered dependent up to age 21 or up to age 25 if enrolled in school full-time.


Medical advice and treatment planning

Confirmation of diagnosis
Finding and obtaining the appropriate treatment

From the moment of diagnosis of one of the critical illnesses covered by Health Priorities, the medical file can be sent to Best Doctors. An in-depth review of the client's medical files will be completed to assist in the confirmation of the diagnosis and to help develop a feasible treatment plan.

The client and the physician will have access to the latest technologies and opinions of world renowned specialists.

The InterConsultation process can potentially reduce serious complications that result from a misdiagnosis and help the treating physician determine the proper course of action for his patient.


Identify the best physician(s)

Where can we find the best medical center for the treatment?

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the client has the opportunity to use Best Doctors services again to find the top medical experts or medical facilities for the required treatment. This entails a detailed search across the globe using a constantly updated database of over 50,000 specialists who are most qualified to address the client's specific medical needs.

Clients will have access to a personal advocate, who will work with physicians affiliated with the world's leading medical institutions, to help explain their options and determine the best care provider for their specific condition. Clients also receive detailed information on what they need to know about the recommended specialists, including:

  • Location (clients can also select the country in which they receive their treatment)
  • Professional background
  • Availability
  • Level of experience in the relevant medical field


Care management

Accessing physicians and medical facilities

While the client is receiving medical care, Best Doctors will review the necessary information provided by the medical specialists involved and continually monitor the treatment process to help ensure the client's medical priorities are satisfied.

If the client travels away from home to receive treatment, Best Doctors will assist with reservations and accommodations for the client and family.

This may help reduce the stress of receiving medical care away from home. The client receives access to a Best Doctors Personal Advocate for any of the services. The Personal Advocate is responsible for communicating with the doctors reviewing the client's case as well as keeping the client informed of the progress and providing them with any guidance.