Canada Sales Congress 2018

National Marketing June 11, 2018

The Canada Sales Congress 2018 proved to be a huge success on May 23rd, with its lineup of reputed speakers, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors. Attendees received insights to enhance their business development strategies and create the energetic atmosphere which is essential to outstanding performance. Desjardins Insurance was once again a main sponsor with prominent visibility.

On the agenda was the Industry Leaders Panel with the theme ‘Guiding advisors toward business growth’. It featured executives including Michael Rogers, Senior Vice-President, Independent Network, Sales and Distribution, Desjardins Insurance. The panel explored the biggest challenges facing the industry today, and how and where insurance advisors can find the growth opportunities that will allow them to thrive. One of the key takeaways was in embracing technology and using it to our advantage within our business.

The Desjardins Insurance booth was buzzing with visitors who wanted to learn more about our line of life and health insurance products. It was also a great opportunity to network with industry colleagues. Our appreciation goes out to the people and teams who have been involved in this event and who have helped promote Desjardins in the industry.

Marie-Josée Labelle, Manager
National Marketing Department

Colleagues at the Desjardins Insurance booth

The Industry Leaders Panel in progress