October Guarantee Advantage Campaign: No Major Changes

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise July 27, 2018

Great participation rates will continue with the Canadian Diversified basket:

  • 120% for Deposits of $250,000 or more
  • 110% for Deposits of $25,000 to $249,999
  • Unlimited potential maximum returns for all Deposits of $500 or more

And there’s also a slight increase to the potential maximum return for Global Financials with a term of 3 years and 2 days (12% to 13%)!

Term/basket combinations available as of July 28, 2018:

  • Term of 3 years and 2 days
    • Global Financials
  • Term of 5 years and 2 days
    • Global Financials
    • Europe
    • Global Diversified
    • Canadian Diversified

To find out more about the October 2018 campaign:

Visit the Previous Campaigns section for more information about Guarantee Advantage campaigns.

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise