Changes to the Helios2 contract and other DFS GIF contracts

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise November 24, 2022

On November 28, your clients can benefit from the changes that were presented last August:

  • 4 funds added (Helios and Helios2 only)
  • 4 funds closed to new deposits and switches
  • Fee options closed to new deposits
  • Management fees reduction for 4 funds (Helios and Helios2 only)

For more details, see the announcement we made in August.

Regulatory material and forms

We’ve updated the Contract and Information Folder, Fund Facts and the Fund Chart. Use them starting November 28. You’ll be able to order copies of these documents from the warehouse starting in the week of December 5 (please use the numbers below when ordering). You can also use the PDF versions.

English versionFrench versionAvailability of printed copies
Contract and information folder 13188E 13188FIn the week of December 5 ​
Fund Facts – series 6 and 8 13188E01 13188F01
Fund Facts – series 7 PDF PDF ​ N/A​
Fund Facts – series 5PDF are available under Investments > Discontinued products (password required)
Fund Facts – series 3
Fund Facts – series 1
Fund Facts – series IGP
Contract application 13137E 13137F In the week of December 12
Contract application – Intermediary/Nominee name form (only available on this site) 13138E 13138F ​N/A
Contract application – TFSA 13139E 13139F In the week of December 12​
Statement of direction 13140E 13140F
Fund chart (all contracts) - PDF only 20105E 20105FN/A

Printed copies of the forms should be available in storage in the week of December 12. Until then, use the PDF versions. We will accept previous versions of the forms until February 28, 2023.

Sales material

We’ve updated the following documents. Use the PDF versions.

Materials for clientsEnglish versionFrench version
DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds leaflet 18029E 18029F
Materials for representativesEnglish versionFrench version
Representative’s guide 13185E 13185F
Quick reference guide 13186E 13186F
Helios2 at a glance 22031E 22031F
Investment solutions 19074E 19074F

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise