DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds ranked among the top in Canada in 2020

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise March 29, 2021

After obtaining 7 FundGrade A + ® awards last January, the DFS Guaranteed Investment Funds (DFS GIFs) stand out again.

74% of DFS GIFs assets under management were held in above-average performing funds, according to an Investment Executive 2020 analysis.

Why did they perform so well?

  • Rigorous selection process applied by our selection team in choosing both internal and external fund managers.
  • Desjardins, leader in responsible investing: Our segregated funds offer includes the SocieTerra Portfolios aligned with ESG (environment, social and governance) values, which all performed very well last year.

Learn more about the DFS GIFs and the Helios2 Contract.

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Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise