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Business Development November 14, 2022

The Executive Health Plan (EHP) is an insurance concept developed by Desjardins Insurance. It allows a Canadian-owned incorporated business and one of its shareholders or key employees to jointly purchase the Health Priorities – Business critical illness product.

Your clients work hard to grow their businesses.
Help them protect their interests with Health Priorities – Business coverage.

A comprehensive toolkit for EHP offers

We've developed a comprehensive toolkit to support your business development. With the answers to all the questions your clients are likely to ask, this toolkit will prepare you to serve business clients effectively—and take on more of them!

More specifically, it includes:

Changes to legal and tax considerations for EHPs

We've made changes to the legal and tax considerations for EHPs, including our interpretation of the shareholder's taxable benefit, which was validated by a recognized law firm.

Discover or rediscover what's available on our EHP page. You can also contact your Desjardins Insurance regional sales director. They'll be happy to guide you on how to offer this solution to your clients.


Contact your Desjardins Insurance regional sales director.

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