Update to the Identity verification supplementary form

Compliance October 27, 2023

When offering or updating a policy, you must provide the identity of the policyowner and complete the Identity verification supplementary form (08295E) if the policyowner is an entity such as:

  • A corporation (company (Inc.), incorporated association, incorporated business)
  • A trust (formal trust, including a testamentary trust or estate)
  • Any other type of entity (unincorporated association, charitable organization, unincorporated business, partnership)

* Universal, participating and permanent life insurance products

Updated form

We've reviewed the layout of the different sections of the form. You'll now find the form much easier and more intuitive to complete, for a better overall experience. Take a look and get familiar with the new layout now.

Going forward, please use the new version of the form, which is available in PDF only. The previous versions will no longer be accepted as of November 27, 2023..

When is the form required?

If the policyowner is an entity, you'll need to include the form along with each of the following documents:

  • Insurance application
    • If you use the e-application, include the form in the Attached files section.
  • Savings contract application
  • Request for change of policyowner


To speed up processing, pay special attention to the following sections:

  • Entity information: Fill out this section even if the information is already included in the e-application or another form.
  • Section 2 – Additional information about the entity: Make sure you answer all the questions.
    For questions 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4, answer yes to the question that best describes the entity and no to the other 2 questions, which don't apply.
    Fill out the Controlling "persons" information section, if applicable.
  • If the entity is a trust, remember to fill out the trust's beneficiaries in the Identification of beneficiaries part (page 5) of Section 1 – Trust information.