Testimonial Video Series | Life and health

Testimonial videos are powerful marketing and sales tools you can leverage in your client conversations.

Physical and financial well-being can be closely linked and it’s important to talk about that link to help clients better plan for both. When we do, we get them one step closer to financial empowerment.


"When you begin to make decisions based on your finances alone, your health begins to slip."


"So when something like this happens, you take care of the people who took care of you."


"Stuff like that catches by surprise and you’re unprepared."

Client facing videos

We’re excited to showcase more client facing videos to help you in your client conversations. Use this marketing tool with your clients and prospects to help them better understand the benefits and features of products offered by Desjardins Insurance.

Health Priorities

  • Outlines the benefits of a critical illness insurance policy offered by Desjardins Insurance.
  • Note that for some cancers, a partial benefit of 30%, 15% or 1% will be paid depending on the severity of the diagnosis.

Participating Whole Life

  • Outlines the benefits of a participating whole life insurance policy offered by Desjardins Insurance.
  • Participating whole life insurance is permanent coverage that pays dividends, which are cash sums that enhance the life insurance policy
  • Mandarin version

Benefits of Insurance

When facing life challenging moments, peace of mind is what you and your family need most. With the support and help you need, you can achieve financial empowerment.


"As a parent, I always wanted to do the best for my children."

Desjardins' corporate video

Support function and business sector employees can now watch the new corporate video. Available in French and English, this 2-minute video is an excellent way to present Desjardins - particularly at business development events and representation activities.

Desjardins: A Canadian Success

Desjardins: A Canadian Success – is a four minutes video that answers the often-asked question: "What is Desjardins Insurance all about?"

This video tries to improve the general brand awareness of Desjardins and Desjardins Insurance. Emphasizing the strength and history behind Desjardins, it also displays the integration of multiculturalism in the representation of Desjardins Insurance employees. The message to viewers is that Desjardins offers a variety of products and services, from coast to coast.

Mandarin version