National Media Spotlight

Periodically, product experts and senior executives from Desjardins Insurance appear in interviews on national media to discuss the benefits of individual insurance and savings solutions. Below you will find a selection of recent appearances that you can use in your client interactions and prospecting efforts. 

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Total coverage for business professionals

If a heart attack, cancer or a stroke forced you to take an extended medical leave, what would happen to your company? Would it survive? Critical illness insurance is the total coverage every business professional needs. It protects you and your business from the financial burden of a serious medical diagnosis. 

A former DFSIN representative from Desjardins Insurance appeared on Canadian Business Spotlight TV to discuss the Executive Health Savings Plan (EHSP), an innovative critical illness insurance and savings solution designed for business owners. 

Ensuring insurability for your child

Buying a permanent critical illness insurance policy for your children today is the smart way to give them a financial head start in life. Coverage can begin as early as 30 days old and guarantees that they will be insured against a serious illness for life. It’s called “insuring insurability”.

Reh Bhanji from Desjardins Insurance spoke to Canadian Better Living TV about this innovative idea. Share this video with your clients and prospects to help get the conversation started! (Also available in Chinese)


Have you got it all covered?

Most people will survive a serious illness, but at what cost?  A financial safety plan that includes critical illness insurance will ease the financial stress related to serious illness and enable you to focus on healing. 

Nancy Schafer from Desjardins Insurance appeared on Canadian Better Living TV to educate viewers about critical illness insurance and the need to have a financial plan B for their families.

Simple strategies for a secure retirement

Should you focus on retirement or on living your dreams? How can you make sure you never run out of money? A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), is it for me?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? 

Maurine Walker of Desjardins Insurance spoke to Canadian Better Living TV to relate how a little planning can go a long way when it comes to saving for retirement while continuing to maintain a comfortable standard of living.