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Thanks to our deep understanding of the market and the full lineup of Desjardins Insurance products, our team has the tools you need to develop strategic approaches that meet your clients' needs.

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We offer a variety of webinars to help you learn more and increase your sales. Discover them!

  • Desjardins Advisor Series

    A series of training sessions with key, useful information on what you need to know about business planning, and how to integrate them when talking with your risk management clients and business continuity planning.

  • Master Class Series with Desjardins

    Webinars hosted by insurance and financial planning specialists to help you learn more and develop your skills.

  • Discovery Series with Desjardins webcasts

    The Discovery Series with Desjardins is an on-demand webinar series that connects you with your fellow insurance and financial professionals for:

    • Tailored advice to help you grow your business
    • Winning sales strategies and solutions tailored to your clients’ unique needs
    • All the latest market trends, industry best practices, and more

  • Discovery Series: Unplugged with Desjardins podcasts

    Join David Lee and Rehan Bhanji from Desjardins Insurance as we dive deep into the stories of real people, real advisors, and real-life experiences.