DFS GIF responsible investment portfolios

Get the best of both worlds: combine responsible investments and the unique protections of the Helios2 Contract.

  • DFS GIF – Conservative – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Moderate – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Balanced – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Growth – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Maximum Growth – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – 100% Equity – Desjardins SocieTerra

Also available: DFS GIF – Global Balanced – Desjardins SocieTerra

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We stand out

Our responsible investing approach combines several strategies to allow investors to use their savings to make a difference. For example, we select companies that are leaders in their industry and adopt practices that meet the environmental, social and governance criteria of RI. This includes:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting biodiversity
  • Providing solutions to communities without access to financial services
  • Increasing diversity on boards of directors

Making a difference

A full 78% of Canadian investors who are interested in RI expect to be informed about how their investments can make a difference on society and the environment*. Our excellence and innovation in communicating this make them easy to understand and meaningful for you and your clients.

See examples of the positive impacts that companies included in our responsible investment portfolios can have.

What does ESG mean?

On top of a strictly financial analysis, responsible investing incorporates three additional factors:

  • Environmental: What the company does to protect the environment. Example: reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Social: How the company manages its relationship with its employees, vendors, clients and the communities it operates in. Example: working conditions.
  • Governance: The company’s leadership, executive compensation, internal controls and shareholder rights. Example: executive compensation.

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* Desjardins. Étude 2020 sur l'investissement responsable. Research and Innovation Department, December 2020. [SOM Investor Web Survey for Desjardins Investment inc., held with 2,864 Canadian respondents. The margin of error is ± 2.6%, 19 times out of 20]. [internal document].