DFS GIF responsible investment portfolios

Get the best of both worlds: combine responsible investments and the unique protections of the Helios2 Contract.

  • DFS GIF – Conservative – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Moderate – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Balanced – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Growth – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – Maximum Growth – Desjardins SocieTerra
  • DFS GIF – 100% Equity – Desjardins SocieTerra

Also available: DFS GIF – Global Balanced – Desjardins SocieTerra

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Don't compromise on return potential

Responsible investment solutions offer a return potential that’s just as attractive as what you’d get with a traditional investment – sometimes even better! Confirmed by more than 2000 studies! 1

1 Gunnar Friede, Timo Busch & Alexander Bassen (December 2015), ESG & Corporate Financial Performance: Mapping the global landscape, Aggregated Evidence from more than 2,000 Empirical Studies, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management and Hamburg University.

Tap into a wider range of RI strategies

Responsible investing is traditional investing with a tweak. On top of looking at the issuing companies’ financial performance, it also looks at extra-financial factors that are more likely to offer sustainable growth.

SocieTerra Portfolios and Funds stand out for the range of extra-financial strategies their managers use.

Exclusion filters

We don’t invest in fossil fuels, tobacco, weapons, nuclear energy.

Best in class

We choose companies that demonstrate best ESG practices in their sector.

Thematic investing: In high demand!

We select top companies in sectors that are directly related to an ESG theme (available for certain SocieTerra products).

Shareholder engagement: Making change happen!

We engage with companies to improve their ESG performance.

What does ESG mean?

On top of a strictly financial analysis, responsible investing incorporates three additional factors:

  • Environmental: What the company does to protect the environment. Example: reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Social: How the company manages its relationship with its employees, vendors, clients and the communities it operates in. Example: working conditions.
  • Governance: The company’s leadership, executive compensation, internal controls and shareholder rights. Example: executive compensation.

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