​How it works


Key features

  • Guaranteed minimum return or principal guaranteed at maturity
  • Risk-free access to securities of well-established companies
  • Higher return potential than fixed-interest term investments
  • No portfolio management and no management fees
  • 100% Death Benefit guarantee
  • Can be surrendered at any time1
  • Minimum Deposit of $5002
  • Deposits accepted until the age of 95 years less a day
  • Eligible for registered plans3, including TFSAs
  • Eligible for pension income tax credits
  • Eligible for income splitting
  • Protected by Assuris

(1) The maximum amount available prior to maturity is the Initial Deposit. A Market Value Adjustment charge may apply.

(2) All Deposits are initially invested in the special Daily Interest Fund pending their investment on the next issue date. The sum accumulated on this date, called the Initial Date, constitutes the Initial Deposit and is invested in Guarantee Advantage® if the minimum Deposit is met. The maturity date of a Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement (PAD) depends on the Initial Date and term.

(3) RRIFs and LIFs are not eligible for periodic payments. If such payments have to be made and only a variable investment is available, the investment must be totally or partially surrendered. For more information please refer to the Term Investments Contract.


  • For a 2 year and 2 days term, the commission is 0.6% at issue
  • For a 3 year and 2 days term, the commission is 0.9% at issue
  • For a 4 year and 2 days term, the commission is 1.2% at issue
  • For a 5 year and 2 days term, the commission is 1.5% at issue
  • No trailer fees