Children's life protection

Issue ages (age nearest)

  • Policyowner: age 18 to 55
  • Child(ren) already born: 15 days to age 17
  • Child(ren) yet to be born: The policyowner must inform the Company of the birth or adoption of any child after the application has been signed. No evidence of insurability is required.

Sum insured

  • $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000

Coverage cost

  • Fixed and guaranteed
  • Payable until the contract is terminated

Termination of coverage

The earliest of:

  • the policyowner turns 65
  • the youngest insured child turns 25
  • The date the contract is converted into life insurance
  • the date the contract is terminated

Addition to a coverage already in-force

  • Yes, only if the policyowner is also an insured individual on the contract.

Conversion privilege

May be converted into permanent life insurance up to 5 times the insured amount per child, on the earliest of:

  • the policyowner turns 65
  • the insured child is 25 years old

Products available when the privilege is exercised