Executive health plan (EHP)

A comprehensive and strong approach

Desjardins Insurance Health Priorities – Business is specifically designed for incorporated business owners. It can be sold as part of the high-value Executive Health Plan sales concept.

Why choose EHP for your clients?

  • The Executive Health Plan enables business owners to jointly own critical illness coverage with their company where they share the costs and also the tax and financial benefits.
  • A financial strategy that could allow your clients to earn an additional income in anticipation of retirement.
  • A tax efficient strategy for both the business owner and the company.

How does it work?

Shared ownership critical insurance.  The company. The company pays the disbursement related to the critical illness and death benefit.  The business owner. The business owner or key employee pays the disbursement related to the health benefit.


Financially protect your client’s business should they become seriously ill.
​Your client will get back all disbursements made by both parties if they remain healthy.
The client and their business get to share the costs as well as the tax benefits.

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