​SOLO Agriculture

SOLO Agriculture offers disability coverage to farm producers.


Main features

First $1,200 guaranteed for the first 36 months

No integration nor coordination for the first 36 months of a total disability.

Payment of monthly amount on the first day in the event of hospitalization or day surgery

The client is eligible to receive a monthly amount with no waiting period and as soon as the first day in the event of hospitalization or day surgery. Available for all waiting periods of 90 days or less.

Amount payable at death

5x the selected monthly insurance amount (if the client dies while receiving disability monthly amounts).

Disability income

Disability Income offers a monthly amount in case of total disability following an accident or an illness. This amount allows the insured to meet his financial obligations by paying a percentage of his personal income as a replacement income.

The calculation of this amount is adapted to the unique situation of an agricultural producer by taking into account the major investments that are needed in an agricultural business and allows farmers to add the amortization cost in the calculation of their insurable income.

Target market

To access the agricultural producer illustration within the illustration software, go in the “Occupation information” section. Then select the Income and current employment situation followed by “Agricultural Producer” (Agriculture).

You must have determined the occupation class of the client from the occupation list prior to this step. The agricultural producer must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a recognized agricultural producer and own an agricultural business
  • Hold at least 20% of the shares in the agricultural business


A farm producer is engaged in the production of an agricultural product. He must own the farm and hold at least 20% of the shares.

To establish the disability income monthly amount, the insurable income considers the salary, the business profit (loss) and the amortization indicated in the income statement and tax returns of the farm operation.