Our Wealth Escalator Plan for individuals is getting even better!

Multinetwork Business Development May 31, 2024

The Wealth Escalator Plan demonstrates to your clients how they can use permanent life insurance as a tax-efficient solution to accumulate and hand down an estate, especially if they have optimized their contributions to different plans (registered, TFSA, etc.).

New features to get the most out of the concept

  • Personalize investments with the New Portfolio for investments
    • 3 pre-defined investor profiles available (balanced – by default –, conservative, aggressive)
    • Customize profile by selecting asset allocation and returns, among other things
    The portfolio is rebalanced every 3 years based on the initial allocation rates
  • Tailor the analysis with the Option of changing the age
    • Based on life expectancy or any other age chosen according to the insured person's needs
  • Visualize results instantly for each duration with the Live Graph
  • Present detailed results in the report tables for all ages up to age 100 (joint coverage: based on the age of the youngest insured)

The report in the Illustration tool has been updated to reflect these improvements.

Learn more about this concept

Visit the Wealth Escalator Plan page.


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