Concept | Corporate Income Tax Optimizer (CITO)

Business Development November 1, 2023

We want to help you develop strategic approaches to meet the needs of your business clients. That's why we've created the Corporate Income Tax Optimizer (CITO) concept—to support you in your advisory role, boost your sales and contribute to your success.

What is the Corporate Income Tax Optimizer?

This concept offers a strategic framework to help owners of incorporated businesses assess the tax implications of passive investment income and see the benefits.

Investing in corporate-owned life and critical illness insurance can:

Reduce tax impact of passive investment income
Provide non-taxable benefits in the event of death or covered critical illness
Increase business liquidity and provide retirement income as needed

Target clientele

The CITO is designed for business owners who:

  • operate a Canadian-controlled private corporation (CCPC)
  • have a business that generates recurring profit and qualifies for the Small Business Deduction (SBD)
  • have investments generating more than $50,000 in passive investment income in a year
  • have a need and are insurable for life and critical illness insurance

It helps improve how a business manages risk in the event of death or critical illness of a shareholder or key employee.

Available products

  • Life insurance with a business policyowner: term, permanent, participating whole life, universal life
  • Critical illness insurance with a business policyowner: Health Priorities – Term and permanent
  • Health Priorities – Business with Executive Health Plan concept

Available in insurance Illustration tool

Go to the Strategies tab and select Corporate Income Tax Optimizer from the dropdown menu.


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