Desjardins Insurance publishes its first responsible investment report for annuities

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise July 4, 2024

Since September 2022, all annuities purchased at Desjardins Insurance have followed a Responsible Investment (RI) Policy. Because transparency is one of the pillars of RI, Desjardins is making its first Annual report on responsible investment available for this product line to demonstrate the authenticity and sincerity of its approach, honour its reporting commitments and affirm its leadership in RI.

This report aims to help current and aspiring responsible annuity owners understand Desjardins Insurance’s RI approach.

Our first report encapsulates the following:

  • It's a reminder of the importance Desjardins places on responsible investment;
  • It describes how ESG issues are taken into account when selecting and monitoring the asset classes specific to this product line, and;
  • It provides concrete examples of how nature and climate, two of our leading themes, are considered during the investment process and in dialogues with the issuers that Desjardins Insurance invests in for this product line.

This report, available on, is an important tool that can help enrich your conversations with your clients. Please read it and share it with your clients.