VIP Service

Are you spending a lot of time and energy on your business? With our VIP Service, we go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals by providing you with exclusive and personalized assistance.

We focus on further developing your insurance solutions strategy and on helping you throughout the insurance application process.

Qualification criteria

Type of advisorCriteria
Single advisor in a corporation
  • Advisor must have settled a minimum of 10 policies in the previous calendar year
  • Policies must have settled and represent total annual premiums of $175,000 or more
A group of advisors in the same corporation
  • Advisors must have settled a minimum of 20 policies in the previous calendar year
  • Policies must have settled and represent total annual premiums of $350,000 or more

What we offer

Our business development team

Our business development team is your allies when advising your clients. They can also help you grow your business and contribute to your success.

With their extensive knowledge of the market and of the Desjardins Insurance product line, our team provides the tools and support so you can develop a strategic approach to address your clients' needs.

Distinctive service

  • Personalized insurance solutions for the business community and mass-affluent and high-net-worth clients
  • Priority support for producing sales concepts
  • In-depth analysis of tax impacts of recommended strategies
  • Access to experienced actuaries for special quotes
  • Analysis and comparison of products, illustrations and concepts offered by another insurer or advisor
  • Assistance when you present the solution to your client and to their consultants

Our relational case managers

Our team of relational case managers is responsible for processing all your insurance applications in priority. They will proactively follow up and address any roadblocks along the way to speed up your applications through the entire process.

They will also personally oversee your application until a decision is made by our underwriters and the policy is issued.

Distinctive service

  • Pre-qualification of a proposed insured
  • Meetings to update you on the status of your applications
  • Regular follow-ups on applications under review, thanks to direct access to underwriters
  • Flexibility in the event an application cannot be approved as submitted: we'll contact you to explore the different options available to your client
  • Meeting with the underwriter, as needed

Priority access to the Client Relations Centre

You get easier access to our agents when you need information on how to make changes to a policy or claim. Our attentive and experienced team at the Client Relations Centre can offer you support and guidance, while fast-tracking your requests for priority processing.

Our promise to you

To provide personalized, first-class, professional service.

We reach out to the advisors who meet the criteria at the beginning of the year to present all the details of our VIP Service and to personalize our approach, which includes setting meeting frequency and levels of service.