Advanced life deferred annuity | When longevity rhymes with serenity

Intermediary Network Sales Support and Expertise December 6, 2023

Your clients understand that new financial needs (orthopaedic or auditory equipment, home care, etc.) are likely to arise the older they get. You'd like to offer them a strategy to provide the income they need for as long as they live and, most importantly, to help them maintain their quality of life at an advanced age.

With this strategy, plan members could be able to postpone the use and taxation of registered funds (RRSPs, RRIFs) they don't really need in the early years of their retirement.

Look no further — you found it!

The new Advanced life deferred annuity (ALDA) – offered exclusively at Desjardins1 on December 6, 2023

  • The only product that delays the start of annuity payments from registered funds until age 85
    • When your clients need them the most!
  • Guaranteed regular, stable income for life after a deferral period
  • Protected from market fluctuations
  • Longevity risk coverage: Avoid outliving your savings
  • Joint and survivor plan options

And much more!

1Source: Desjardins internal analysis, December 2023.

We've prepared all the necessary documentation to enable you to offer ALDA to your clients. Please refer to the PDF versions.
You can also read the press release published today, December 6.

Regulatory Material English version French version
Contract and Application - ALDA 23170E 23170F
Promotional material
Client flyer 14058E 14058F
Advisor guide 14057E 14057F
Sales process checklist – Retirement annuities and ALDA 23187E 23187F

For full details, refer to the ALDA section.