Accelerated growth 10 Pay

Participating life insurance is a permanent coverage which allows policy owners to earn dividends and accumulate cash value on a tax-preferred basis. The Accelerated growth product generates higher medium term dividends. It is the ideal solution for your clients looking to increase their retirement income or to achieve a financial goal within a 10 to 15 year horizon.

Your clients have the freedom to choose how they use their dividends earnings. They can increase their coverage, reduce their annual premium or benefit from cash payments.


Primary characteristics

  • Accelerated dividend growth during the first 10 to 15 years of the policy
  • 5 dividend options
  • Paid-up premiums as early as the 10th year
  • Paid-up complementary coverage in 10 years (except for the life insurance – children)
  • Guaranteed cash surrender value on the basic insurance - available, but not guaranteed on insurance bought with Paid-up Additions (PUAs).
  • Guaranteed reduced paid-up insurance on the basic insurance
  • Eligible for conversion without providing evidence of insurability for the following dividend options: Annual Premium Reduction, Cash Payment and Dividends on Deposit

Cash surrender values

Upon termination of the coverage, your client can be refunded either a portion of the paid premiums or more.