Estate enhancer 20 Pay

Participating life insurance is a permanent coverage generating dividends, and cash sums that enhance the basic life insurance amount. The Estate enhancer product option available under participating life insurance maximizes the long term death benefit. It is the ideal solution for clients looking at estate protection, as well as for optimizing the cash surrender value within a 20 year term.

Your clients have the freedom to choose how they use their dividends earnings. They can increase their coverage, reduce their annual premium or benefit from cash payments.


Primary characteristics

  • Maximized dividends based on continued growth
  • 5 dividend options
  • Paid-up premiums as early as the 20th year
  • Paid-up complementary coverage in 20 years (except for the life insurance – children)
  • Guaranteed cash surrender value on the basic insurance - available, but not guaranteed on insurance bought with Paid-up Additions (PUAs).
  • Guaranteed reduced paid-up insurance on the basic insurance
  • Eligible for conversion without providing evidence of insurability for the following dividend options: Annual Premium Reduction, Cash Payment and Dividends on Deposit

Guaranteed values

Estate enhancer provides guaranteed cash surrender values, premiums and an amount payable upon death. Your client can also receive lifetime dividends. For the long term, these values can grow tax-free and, depending on the chosen dividend option, the amount payable upon death could increase significantly.