Estate enhancer to 100

Participating life insurance is permanent coverage that generates dividends. The Estate enhancer option maximizes the long term death benefit. Due to its growth in cash surrender values, this product is the ideal solution for clients who would like to optimize their inheritance or realize a project with a 20-year time frame.

Your clients have the flexibility of choosing between 5 dividend options which enables them to increase their coverage, reduce their annual premium or benefit from a cash payment.


Principal characteristics

  • Dividends are maximized over the long term
  • 5 options for using the dividends
  • Guaranteed cash surrender values on the basic insurance. Available, but not guaranteed on the insurance bought with Paid-up additions (PUAs).
  • Guaranteed reduced paid-up insurance on the basic insurance.
  • Admissible for conversions without evidence of insurability with the annual premium reduction, cash payment and dividends on deposit options.

Cash surrender values

Upon termination of the coverage, your client can be refunded either a portion of the paid premiums or more.