Participating whole life insurance | Learn more about our new annual statement

Actuarial and Insurance Solutions March 14, 2024

Thanks to you, our line of participating whole life insurance products keeps growing in popularity, and we're very grateful to you. That's why we're always working to improve our products and related documents.

So today, we're very proud to announce that our sleek, new annual statement will be appearing on March 21, 2024.

Written in clear language, our new statement is detailed and easy to understand, allowing your clients to see their policy's financial values and variations since the last policy anniversary.

Lots of information featured

The statement will certainly help your clients to better understand annual changes to their insurance contracts and will offer them helpful information, such as:

  • Different values related to the policy
    • Total amount of insurance payable upon death
    • Cash surrender values
  • Dividends declared for the current year and useful information about the dividend option chosen
  • The person or team who can answer questions or provide additional information
  • The amount and terms of the premium payment

We'll be sending the statement to the policyowner each year on the policy anniversary date, replacing the current anniversary notice. We'll also be including an insert with the 2024 statement to explain how it works.
You'll find the statement in Client Documents tool.

Clientele affected

All of the policyowners with participating life insurance issued since 2017.

Check out every section of our handy new statement

Your clients might have some questions about this new document. To see everything the statement has to offer and learn about its contents firsthand so you can answer their questions, just go to Annual statement | Participating whole life insurance.